Top 6 Spring Beauty Buys

Are you guys loving this weather lately, or is it just me? The consistent sunshine and warmth is an instant mood booster, and I’ve been experimenting with lots of new products for the past few months to get a good idea of my fave, ride or dies this season. Though I suppose none of them are exclusively spring themed, I’ve definitely developed a beauty routine that coincides with the changing season.

Overall, my mantra this spring is looking and feeling amazing, with little to no prep. What’s not to love?

If you happen to be a student like myself, this motto can be a total lifesaver during finals week. It also works if you’re an outdoorsy kind of girl, because the time you save getting ready can be well spent enjoying this beautiful changing weather. Personally, I’ve loved every second I’ve spent cruising around, windows down, blasting Sex (by Cheat Codes) on replay for the past few weeks. (P.S. Thinking about making a new spring/darty playlist soon. Be sure to follow on Spotify [@hollyhabeck] so you don’t miss it!)

Anyways, check out these must-have beauty products that are super budget friendly, but will make your life so much easier, and let me know what you think in the comments!

1. Charcoal Facial Sponge

One word. Obsessed. It’s actually funny how much I love this little gem considering it was a pretty impulsive buy. I stumbled upon it while shopping for a girls’ spa night, and figured I’d give it a whirl. I had no idea how much I’d fall in love! Since the sponge is made out of vegetable fiber, it’s soft and gentle, even on sensitive skin. I also love how it’s infused with charcoal, which is known to naturally draw out impurities and toxins. Since my typical skincare routine isn’t anything fancy, and I just use my hands to soap up, it never really feels like I get every surface and problem area on my skin. So, this guy is the perfect solution. Also, the particular brand that I bought was under $6, so it wasn’t a risky purchase, and overall was totally an investment worth making. The package recommends replacing the sponge every two months, and I’m definitely planning on repeating this purchase!

2. Roll on body oil

The Pacifica Roll-On Rich Body Oil was yet another one of my impulse buys this season, but has quickly become one of my favorite beauty products on my shelf. I tend to be hesitant when it comes to oils, because they feel messy/greasy. This roll-on product however, couldn’t be farther from it. First of all, the scent is deliciously coconutty, and is perfect for spring/going into summer (think beachy). The roll-on component of it even tops the scent, because application isn’t messy. I like to take my little bottle into the bathroom with me to use on my legs after a shower. It rubs in easily, and isn’t difficult to wash off of your hands. Overall, it’s a total win, and is a nice change of pace from lotion, which I’m kind of over at the moment.

3. Eye pads

Eye pads are probably the most seasonal item on this list, and that’s hands down thanks to allergies. Whether you’ve been diagnosed or not, a lot of people’s eyes get irritated/puffy during the spring. There’s a lot going on with fresh cut grass, dust, pollen, etc., so it’s a good idea keep some eye pads on hand just in case. I like the Earth Therapeutics brand because it includes cucumber, vitamin E, aloe vera, green tea, and chamomile, but there are lots of other options out there too. And when in doubt (or feelin’ like a #brokecollegegirl) opt for straight up cucumbers. Sometimes old fashioned beauty methods are the way to go!

4. Alligator clips

Alligator. Clips. Are. Everything. Period.

Seriously though guys, if you’re not using alligator clips, run out and get some, because you’re missing out. One of my beauty goals as of late has been to wash my hair less. Yes, your read that right. Less. If you read this post on Why You Have Greasy Hair (And How to Fix it!), you already know that washing your hair too much can lead to some seriously slicked locks. I used to have a major problem with this, because I was washing my hair every night. I’ve recently discovered though what a miracle sticking your hair up in two alligator clips and calling it a night can be. I’ll do a full tutorial on second, third, and fourth (yes, fourth!) day hair soon (I’m hoping to get the YouTube channel up and running in the next few months), but basically each day you go without washing, your hair gets a little more voluminous (if you’re styling it right). Alligator clips are absolutely essential to maintaining a style throughout the night and avoiding any unwanted ponytail kinks. Love it.

5. sea salt spray

Sea salt spray is another trick that does wonders for second or third day hair. All you have to do is spray & scrunch, and you’ve got perfect beach waves. Remember my spring beauty mantra? This is the good stuff I’m talking about. I’m not the girl that wants to wake up at the crack of dawn to curl her hair to perfection. Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather stay up late at night writing content for you guys, and that life is definitely not conducive to waking up early (ha!). [I did write a post on how to make mornings more positive though here, which has made a huge difference in my overall morning mood]. As far as brand though, there’s so many seas salt sprays out there, so have a field day. Never be ashamed to opt for sample sizes. I’m a huge fan of testing products before I dive in with a full-sized bottle, and this can be especially important for higher-end beauty buys. Because we’ve all splurged on a product that so wasn’t worth it, right? That being said, if you are looking for a recommendation, I’ve tried several sea salt sprays and Tresemme’s Perfectly (Un)Done edition has been my absolute fave. Opt with that if you’re unsure!

6. Nail Dryer

I feel like this is an item that should be on every girl’s shelf, especially during the spring when we’re finally nearing flip flop season. I’m making an effort to actually paint my nails this season, since I slacked off all winter, and this is totally the key. I often neglect to paint them simply due to a lack of time, but this product totally solves that problem/excuse!

What are your guys’ spring beauty essentials? Any new products I should know about? Do tell!




  • Anna Baun

    These clips look awesome – I definitely need them in my life! And I also love the roll on body oil! XO

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