15 (Non-Boring) Ways to Drink More Water

Ever reach the end of the day and realize you’ve barely downed even just one glass of H2O? It’s pretty sad considering the general consensus that we should intake about 64 oz. daily. And while this may be a no-brainer during the summer months, this recommendation still rings true even now that the (sometimes) cold weather has hit.

In fact, you’ll probably find yourself drinking less and less water as the temperature drops. Without the beating sun and 90 degree weather, there’s few physical reminders to hydrate. However, drinking up is one of the most efficient and natural methods to clearing up that nasty winter acne and detoxifying your entire system.

I recently whipped out my trusty 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle in an effort to start drinking more water and am loving the results I’m seeing with my skin (I also am lusting after this BKR bottle now that I’m developing an affection for actually hydrating ((like I should have been a LONG time ago))). Not to mention, drinking an obscene amount of water per day kind of has a positive effect on my attitude. It’s one goal that can be accomplished every. freaking. day. What’s not to love about that?

Except for the fact that it’s EFFING BORING.

I’m a former Diet Coke addict, and even though I’ve come to realize how nasty artificial crap like that can be, water doesn’t come even close to satiating that ingrained desire for a good old fashioned glass of fake sugar ridden soda pop. So, after scouring the internet, I’ve rounded up a totally legit list of 15 NON-BORING ways to “use up”/down those 64 oz. Check ’em out:

Fruit & Herb Water

Think fruit infused water is sooo 2015? Guess again chica. Check out these unique and hydrating combos that will make 64 oz. feel like child’s play.

1. Raspberry, Rose Petal & Vanilla

2. Grapefruit Rosemary

3. Strawberry, Watermelon, & Mint

4. Green Apple, Raspberry & Rosemary

5. Pear Ginger


Some like it hot, others cold, but these classic bevs are the perfect way to finish up those last few ounces of water before bed or after a workout.

6. Honey Mint Iced Green Iced Tea

7. Thai Lemongrass Tea

8. Dandelion Root Tea

9. Blueberry Lemon Iced Tea

10. Ginger, Mint & Lemon Iced Tea

Detox Drinks

Any real-deal detox drink should contain water — and lots of it! This is a great way to start the day off with healthy and positive vibes, while also upping your H2O intake.

11. Golden Detox Drink

12. Pink Detox Drink

13. Pomegranate Ginger Detox Drink

14. Hot Lemon Water (literally hot water w/ lemon)

15. Cranberry Detox Water

Which of the above would be your drink of choice? Any good ones I missed?