WTF To Bring as a Hostess Gift (For Every Budget!)

First of all, I’m pretty sure I loaded 100% of these items into my shopping cart when I was making this roundup…for MYSELF. #selfish. I’m really digging the pink and gold color scheme and especially the Yay! Boom! Cheers! shot glasses. How cute???

Anywho, why are we talking hostess gifts today?

Because they’re classy AF. 

We all have that one friend who’s just got her sh*t together, right? She’s polite, organized, and really makes us feel guilty about eating Easy Mac for dinner. Think about it. This is totally something she would do. She’d bring a dope a** hostess gift, even if it’s under 20 bucks, just because it’s the classy, adult thing.

I’m not saying I’m giving up my Easy Mac anytime soon, but hey, sometimes you gotta fake it until you make it. So, whenever I’m invited to a party, I’m definitely going to have one of these killer items on hand.

Some are pricier than others (beautiful pink agate coasters, I’m looking at YOU), but it’s the thought that counts. For me, I’d probably pick either a luxury bar of soap or a bottle stopper (both in this roundup are ~ $15) for a typical gathering, and save one of the nicer items for if I’m staying out of town at a family/friends place. Either way though, any type of hostess gift (no matter how big or small) is a super thoughtful gesture that won’t go unappreciated.

And hey, we’re one step closer to adulthood/maturity, right?



  • Rachel Paula

    Love this. I’m terrible at knowing what to bring as gifts. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Jordyn Brown

    I love that bottle stopper, super classy and useful!

    xoxo, SS

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