5 Tips to Improve Your Focus During Finals Week

It’s 9:30 on a Tuesday morning. We’re not even five minutes deep into the lecture and I’m already scoping Pinterest and Tumblr simultaneously, while also searching the course catalog and planning my schedule for next semester. Oh, and did I mention the badass chick sitting in front of me is on BuzzFeed? She’s watching cat videos. So cute!

Too. Many. Effing. Distractions.

For those of you who don’t know me in “real life” (even though blog/social media life is still kinda real, right?), I’m a serial multitasker. I always think I can do 10 things at once, and I can. Except…none of them are done well. Shocker, I know.

It’s no secret that finals week is a freaking abundance of distraction/confusion/everything in between. So, let’s get our heads on straight. I’ve been searching up and down the Web for some kind of breakthrough/testing my own methods, and I’ve come up with five that I think will help even the most resilient of college gals maintain that steel resolve straight through those brutal all-night study sessions:

1. Don’t be disturbed.

One surefire way to eliminate distraction is by putting your phone/computer into “do not disturb” mode. Nobody wants to do it, and it takes a lot of self-discipline, but it’s totally worth it to have an in the zone, side-convo-free study sesh. Those texts will still be there waiting for you after you’re done working!

2. Choose your location wisely.

Even though laptops/tablets/etc. make it easy to work from, well anywhere (with wifi), not every potential study spot is created equally. Choose an environment where you know there will be few distractions. Example: I know I need to isolate myself from my friends if I actually want to get things done. Therefore, I migrate to my bedroom when it’s time to do work. The same principles apply for people who thrive off of group study environments. Seek out the situation in which you perform best and use it to your advantage!

3. Set the mood.

If you prefer to study from home, like me, it can be extremely beneficial to “set the mood” before you begin working. I know, sounds silly, right? BUT, the whole point is to setup your space in a way that works for you (i.e. promotes focus, reduces stress). For me, this includes tidying up my space, getting out some essential oils (I’ll do a full post on this soon if anyone’s interested), and putting on the ultimate finals playlist. These are all things that help me to get relaxed and in the zone for a long day/night of studying. Am I cray, or is anyone else with me?Let me know in the comments!

4. Make a list.

There’s something about to-do lists that just works. It’s satisfying crossing each item off of the list, so it can motivate you to do things you may otherwise brush off, and it prevents you from forgetting all of the things you have yet to do. Sure, there’s a part of you that may want to forget about some of those things, but you (and your GPA!) will rejoice when you’ve nailed that A as a result of your hard work and dutiful task management.

5. Reward yourself.

One of the biggest challenges for me when it comes to studying is thinking of all of the other things I’d rather be doing (ha!). Whatever it is that you enjoy (for me, it’s currently How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix), try postponing it until you’ve accomplished an item on your to-do list (or have completed the entire list, if you want to get ambitious!). This should help you stay motivated throughout your study sesh, knowing that there will be a reward/relaxation at the end. However, just be wary that you don’t rush through your work to get to the reward!

Wishing you all the best of luck with finals! Let me know if you’ve got any killer tips I should know about in the comments below 🙂