The Lowdown on At-Home, Pro Teeth Whitening

Whitening Teeth At Home

If there’s one thing I’m particular about when it comes to my appearance, it’s my smile. I can’t leave the house without some sort of color on my lips, and I’m ALL about pearly white teeth. This is because, regardless of whether I do or do not know a person’s routine, I tend to associate yellow teeth with poor personal hygiene. It’s not a very nice assumption, but I think it’s one that a lot of people make. This common conception coupled with the fact that a smile is often the first thing people notice about a person, makes my teeth a big priority in my beauty routine.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I was offered the amazing opportunity to test out an at-home, professional grade whitening kit by SmileBrilliant!. I’ll admit, I was nervous about doing a professional strength whitening program myself, but I couldn’t be happier now that I gave it a shot and saw how straightforward (and cost effective) at-home whitening can be.

Here’s how my experience went down:

I made the impressions.

Once I got my SmileBrilliant! kit, I got to work making the impressions that would be used to create my custom whitening trays. I mixed the two different pastes together with my hands (they’re kind of like Play Doh) and pressed the putty into one of the blue trays. Next I pressed my teeth into the impression material and waited about a minute and a half. I did this again for my bottom teeth and I was all set! Then I just had to rinse off the impressions and send them back to the SmileBrilliant! office so they could work their magic and create my whitening trays.

I applied the whitening gel to the trays and waited.

Once I got my trays, I began the whitening process by applying a THIN line of whitening gel to each tray. I then popped them in just like I would my retainers and waited. When I first started the program I only whitened for about 20 minutes before taking the trays out. I was extremely nervous about tooth sensitivity, since I’ve experienced this with grocery store whitening strips before. However, each time I used the whitening program, I gradually increased the amount of time I’d leave the trays in and would eventually leave them in for about an hour. Also, I never experienced any tooth sensitivity! Just a bit with my gums, because I put too much gel in the trays (which they do warn you not to do 🙂 ).

I rinsed and applied the desensitizing gel.

After whitening, I’d always apply the desensitizing gel for about 15 minutes to help rehydrate my teeth. This was great because it helped to ensure that I never had to experience painful tooth sensitivity like I did with other teeth whitening brands.

And that’s it! After about seven applications my whitening treatment was done, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m a super on-the-go person, so I absolutely loved the convenience of professionally whitening my teeth at home. This is something I’m sure I never would’ve gotten around to had I waited to actually make an appointment at the dentist’s office, and the at-home experience was not scary or difficult at all. Also, can we just talk about the fact that this process would have costed $500+ if I had went to the dentist? SmileBrilliant! is able to offer their kit for under $200 since you do the work yourself and don’t have to pay for the dentist’s time. Love that, and I love my new smile.

What do you guys think about at-home whitening? Would you try it? 

Also: check out this vid for more info!