How to Survive Mid-Semester Slump

Flashback to August. You’re joining 10 clubs, are immersed in your major and feel like you can actually do it all this year. Pretty cool, huh?…That is until mid-semester rolls around.

Why did I do this to myself? I don’t even like my major that much. This class sucks. I’d rather be in bed watching Real Housewives. WTF.

These are just a few of the thoughts that have been creeping into my mind the last few weeks. And some of them are pretty scary! I don’t even like my major that much? Of course I do! But, most of us are no stranger to burnout, which can have some nasty effects on our self esteem and motivation.

In light of this mini tragedy known as the mid-semester slump, I’ve compiled a few tips that have helped me get back into rockstar mode. Here it goes:

1. Pin the sh*t out of those motivational quotes.

Hey, they’re not just there to look pretty. Take advantage of some of the hustle-inspiring quotes that show up on your feed and put them to work. Create a board on Pinterest or screenshot your fave and set it as your background. It may feel a little silly, but inspiration boards can go a long way. I did a post on “5 Quotes to Make you Dream Big & Work Hard” a few months ago, and just making the list made me want to get up and do something!

2. Hit the gym.

I know. How the hell are you going to find the motivation to work out at this point in the semester when you can barely get out of bed without hitting snooze for the fifth time? The answer is a bit paradoxical, because in order to get motivated, you need to have a bit of motivation to start with. Here’s the deal: According to this source, exercising 1) Releases dopamine into your brain (the stuff that makes you happy) 2) Makes you less stressed out 3) Energizes you 4) Boosts your confidence and 5) Eases anxiety. So, if you can drag yourself up out of bed or off the couch, even for just a 30 minute workout, it’s for the better. At this point in the semester you need all the energy and happiness you can get, so it’s worth a shot! Anyone with me?

3. Get some Zzzzs…

No college student is a stranger to late nights. Whether they’re spent out and about or studying at home, remember to get some sleep. Sometimes you really do just need to recharge before you can get back on track.

4. Make a list.

Try writing out everything you need to do for the day. It’s not just satisfying to cross each item out, but it also ensures that you don’t forget any assignments amidst your crazy busy classes. You can even reward yourself after you’ve completed your to-do list with a healthy brownie or skinny chai latte. C’mon, you totally deserve it. And don’t forget to let your list inspire, not scare you. Think of how accomplished you’ll feel once you’re done…and how much Real Housewives you’ll be able to guiltlessly indulge in *smirking emoji*.

5. Think about the future.

While all of the above tippity tips certainly help me through my day to day duties, one of my biggest motivators is thinking towards the future. Looking at my to-do list, I can outline perfectly how each task relates to my larger career & life goals. Just thinking about where I want to be in five years and all that I need to do to get there can get me off the couch even on my laziest days.

How are you surviving the mid-semester slump? Are you? Do tell!



  • Lindsey

    I always hit the gym when I’m super stressed (oddly enough, it’s also when I really don’t have time)…
    with southern grace,

    • Holly Habeck

      That’s so awesome! I definitely need to find a way to work it into my schedule. Thanks for reading! xx