30 Things to Put on Your Fall Bucket List

I’m a huge fall fan but, as with any season, I need to make a bucket list to make things happen. Here are a few of the items currently on my to-do list:


1. Go apple picking

2. Make homemade cider doughnuts (thinking of using this recipe)

3. Host a spooky Halloween party

4.  Do a fall Bath & Body Works haul (‘Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte’. is. everything.)

5. Test pie recipes

6. Decorate (cinnamon wreaths, fall throws and a autumny table cloth make SUCH a difference!)

7. Go hiking

8. Carve pumpkins (and roast the pumpkin seeds too!)

9. Break out my favorite fall candles & scents

10. Make homemade apple cider 

11. “Boo” someone 

12.  Host a baking party 

13. Go to fall festivals

14. Have a fall photoshoot with my roommates

15. Go on on a haunted hayride

16. Visit the farmer’s market

17. Take the dogs for lots of walks

18. Find the perfect fall lip/eyeshadow colors

19. Have a movie night

20. Take a weekend vacation 

21. Start kickboxing classes (not really fall related, but SO good for getting in shape before the winter hits and I start feeling super lazy!)

22. Make and/or eat caramel apples

23. Have a bonfire

24. Read a few books

25. Visit a corn maze

26. Do a major cleaning of my apartment

27. Watch scary movies

28. Make homemade soup (for those extra cold days) 

29. Do more outside 

30. Take more photos to document day-to-day life


What’s on your bucket list? Anything I should add?