From Drab to Fab: DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas

A well decorated dorm room can be homey — even chic– but there’s no denying that it can look like a high class jail cell without a little inspiration. There’s lots of great dorm room decor out there (Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Kohl’s…), but too much of a good thing can be…well, too much. Not to mention, the price of achieving a PB Teenesque dorm room is high! $$$ Here are a few TBC approved chic, simple and cheap ways to give your home away from home a little more class:

1. Fabric Garland

When I moved into my apartment a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to get decorating…buuuut, just when I though I was done (of course), I realized I still had a huge, awkward wall space above my desk. I had already spent too much furbishing other areas of the room and was about to go into a full blown panic when I found this tutorial on DIY fabric garland. I swear it saved my life. It’s cheap, easy and customizable. Love it. I’m really into chic black, white and golds lately, so I opted for kind of crazy black and white patterns, but there’s countless options at the fabric store to make colorful combos too!

2. Gallery Wall

This project is as easy or involved as you make it. The local Hobby Lobby near me was having a 50% off sale on framed art, so I ended up getting a killer deal on these pieces, which I just hung up with velcro Command Strips. However, you can find a lot of unique prints on sites such as Etsy and then bargain hunt for frames. Or, for an even savy-er deal, purchase a stack of prints. It’s cheaper in the long run and ensures that all of the prints will complement each other.

3. Photo Frame Whiteboard

It’s the little things that really make a space all your own. I got the gold frame below on sale at TJ Maxx and simply placed a small piece of scrapbook paper inside to create a chic whiteboard. And make sure you purchase a marker with a built-in eraser for ultimate convenience!

4. Washi Tape Wall Art

There’s so much you can do with washi tape, and the crosses below are just one example. Unleash your creativity without the fear of ruining your dorm walls. The tape peels off easily and won’t ruin paint, so go wild!

Happy Labor Day!