WTF to Wear on Independence Day

The fourth of July has always been a special holiday for me. Growing up as an only child, it was an opportunity to spend much needed time with my extended family at my cousins’ lake house and fall into a whirlwind of boating, laughter, hot dogs, candy and parades. Talk about a good time, right? Though the lake house has since been sold and we now visit Richard’s family in Pittsburgh, Independence Day still remains a yearly favorite. However, I’ve found that as I’ve grown up, dressing the patriotic part has grown increasingly difficult.

In fact, I’ve found that dressing the part for any holiday can be challenging. No one wants to look like she just walked out of Party City, right? I know I don’t. So here’s my secret: subtlety.

Seriously, it’s like a formula. It works every time. My favorite trick to mastering red, white and blue is throwing in a denim item (like this skirt) for the blue. It’s understated and chic. Love it. Other small accessories like a red lip and clutch complete the look without reading I’m trying to hard. 

What are you wearing for the fourth? I’d love some more inspo!