Motivational Monday & Makeover

Good morning lovelies!

Was that too ecstatic for a Monday? Probably, but I can’t contain myself. I’m so excited to finally unveil my secret little project that’s been brewing for the past few months — a total makeover for TBC. Get why I’m so awake and in your face now?

I started this blog right as I began my first year of college and I never really felt like I had the time or resources to fully develop it. Though I’ve been (mostly) keeping up with an OK posting schedule (for a swamped college girl, that is), I’ve never been truly satisfied with my design. I’m a total perfectionist and even held out on launching the site for months on end because I didn’t feel like it was ready to share! Finally though, I’ve got my shit together. I can confidently say that there will still be some tweaks here and there on the blog (new & improved about page I’m lookin’ at you), but you can look forward to a much more cohesive effort. Yay to improvement!

I’m also working on another very exciting endeavor that I can’t quite announce yet, but will soon. So keep an eye out for that!

AND, to celebrate this lil’ rebirth, we’re starting a new series! I absolutely ADORE reading “Motivational Monday” updates and am always scouring Pinterest/Tumblr for the best, most relatable & unique inspiring quotes. So, for the next few months stop by the site — coffee in hand, of course — each Monday morning for a little pick-me-up. Cause trust me, you can kick ass — even on a Monday Morning.

Heads up: Come by later this week for a sweet giveaway and feel free to comment some of your favorite Motivational Monday mantras below!