The Importance of Social Media Management X Freebie

When I first started blogging, I had a really tough time with self-promotion. No one that I knew read or wrote blogs, and I was totally afraid of what people would think! Hard to believe now, isn’t it?

While I’m a huge fan of the “you do you” movement, I can still be sensitive to others’ judgement (seriously though, I used to cry when my first grade teacher would tell me to stop talking). And honestly, I think everyone can – even if it’s just a little bit. BTW: if this resonates with you and you don’t already run a blog, you should. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and become a total #GIRLBOSS.

Anyways, since I was so afraid of people judging me and my writing, I didn’t post any blog-related stuff to social media. It’s the biggest mistake you can make as a blogger.




As soon as I hit the post button on my first Facebook announcement asking my friends to check out my blog, I embarked on a journey that would expand my audience exponentially. And boom, a whole new wave of traffic & encouragement.

So, that’s my little tangent on why you should absolutely, positively be posting all of your blog content to social media. Tip: You may want to create new social media accounts for you blog so that you don’t clutter your friends’ feeds. I only did this with Facebook though, since Twitter and Instagram posts are so quickly moved off the charts from the constant influx of new content.

On to the inspiration behind this post: my social media management chart! I’m constantly searching for new ways to organize my blog and social posts, and I finally gave in and created my own social media management chart. So many sites offer free blog tools, but many/most of these resources require becoming an email subscriber to gain access. SO not about that life. After I completed my chart to keep track of which outlets I’ve published to during the week, I figured I might as well share it with all of you lovelies. Enjoy!

P.S. Social media isn’t just about self-promotion. Repin/tweet/post content that you think your audience might like to increase your following! It’s also a fun way to give readers an inside/behind the scenes look at your daily life, which will be coming soon to all of my social channels!

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  • I am so with you. Self-promotion IS everything. I think people are afraid to look stupid or self-involved, but you have to do it. You have to start somewhere. Like you said it shouldn’t be 100% self-promotion. Add other content, posts, etc to balance it out. :]

    • Holly Habeck