Evian Facial Spray Review

This past week has been insane. With finals rapidly approaching + the warm weather in full swing, there’s so much to do and absolutely no time to do it. Plus I’ve totally got a case of spring fever.

I’ve also become a huge iced coffee addict since the weather has warmed up, cause caffeine + sugary french vanilla sweetness = happiness. I’ll definitely be looking into some healthier alternatives once I get through finals week. Let me know if you guys would be interested and I’ll share some!

I feel like there’s so much to catch ya’ll up on since I haven’t posted in over a week. UGH. I’ve been dedicating most of my time to an exciting new venture, which I’ll cue you all in on soon! But…I just invested in a new blog planner, so regular posting schedule here I come.

Anywhoo, let’s talk about my newest obsession (much healthier than iced coffee, I promise): Evian Facial Spray.

You’re thinking “WTF’s that?!”

It’s water. Literally water…but kind of better.

With my crazy busy schedule lately, it’s easy to get drained. So, when I feel a lapse in energy coming on, I quickly whip out my handy dandy H2O. Just a bit of cold water can go a long way. In fact, it’s a total game changer. Think instant refresh.

Though I currently have the medium sized bottle, I love love love the minis. They’re super cute and fit in my purse, which is great for when I’m on the go…especially since the weather is HOT here, and my skin tends to get a little dewey/oily/sweaty/all of the above once the warm weather finally arrives.

And the best part? It won’t wreck your makeup. It actually makes it 10x better. Crazy how water can do that, right? The spray comes out in a superfine mist, which immediately settles and revives cosmetic color. I like to soak up all the moisture I can, so I let it air dry. However, it’s also a great tool for blending, so feel free to take a makeup sponge or towel and gently dab away the excess or make a few touch ups.

And by the way, this post is not sponsored. I just love my Evian Facial Spray and thought I’d share!

What are your favorite tricks to tackle warm weather beauty probs? Please share!



  • Anna Baun

    I’ve always wanted to try the Evian spray and for one reason or another I have never pulled the trigger. This post is definite motivation to get on it already! Thanks for the candid review! XO


    • Holly Habeck

      Awesome Anna, I hope you like it!