On My Bookshelf: You’re Not You

My hands down, absolute favorite place to shop in Ithaca is…the used book store. Shocking, right? Let it be known that I am a total bookworm. My schedule constantly gets in the way of my reading time, but I sometimes find that when life gets particuarly overwhelming, it’s healthy to delve into someone else’s story for a bit.

I’ve been known to get a little out of control with my book buying habits (walking out of Barnes and Noble with a stack 10 books high out of control), so I was uber grateful to stumble upon this little shop last fall. I recently took a spontaneous trip back after brunch with Richard last week, and thoughtlessly picked up You’re Not You

You’re Not You tells the story of Bec, a sophomore in college who’s sleeping with a married professor, and Kate, a 36 year old woman with Lou Gehrig’s disease. The two meet after Bec responds to an ad for a summer job, and Bec ultimately becomes Kate’s caretaker. I don’t want to give too much away but, according to the back cover of the novel, “When Kate’s marriage deteriorates, Bec is forced to choose between the comfort of her old life and the allure of a bigger place in the world.” Intense, right?

This description reminded me a little bit of Tuesday’s With Maurie. I had a hard time getting through that one, since I tried reading it shortly after my grandmother died from Lou Gehrig’s disease, but the writing and overall message was really impactful. So, once I stumbled upon You’re Not You, it was a natural choice. It was also named one of People Magazine’s “Top Ten Books of the Year” and was recently adapted on screen with Hilary Swank as Kate. Once I see that a movie has originated from a book, I HAVE to read it.

It had to have been a pretty good book to grab directors’ attention, right? Plus, I love to compare the original written stories to the film adaptations. I know, I’m a bookworm and a film geek. What can I say?

I’ll let you all know what I think of the book and movie, and feel free to follow along. I’m always down to chat about books and would love to hear what you guys think!

What’s on your bookshelf? Already read You’re Not You? Thoughts?!