5 Health/Fitness Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m a total Instagram addict (but hey, who isn’t?). I love outlets like Instagram and Tumblr (you can follow me here & here) because I find them super inspiring. Here are a few of my favorite accounts that I find to be expert motivators when it comes to being healthy (and enjoying it!):

1. Pilotmadeleine – Okay, I’ll admit it. I have a major girl crush. This girl is always snacking on the most delicious looking healthy snacks…like BYE pizza/chocolate/*insert craving here*. Plus she’s a commercial pilot, which is awesome! She also has an equally lovely Youtube channel (here), which I watch all the time. Some of her vids are in German (I took German in high school and am kind of obsessed with learning it fluently)…but don’t worry they have English subtitles!

2. Flourishinghealth – This swede posts her beautiful and healthy creations on the reg. She also has a blog where she keys us in on how she concocts her treats (here)!

3. Blogilates – Tell me you’ve heard of Blogilates. You have, right? I feel like Cassey is a fitness instructor that just about any health and fitness junkie with access to the internet must know about. So forgive me if I’m being totally obvi right now but, just in case any of ya haven’t heard of her, she’s definitely worth checking out! She has a blog (here) and (AH-MAZING) Youtube channel (here) with tons of workouts.

4. Theskinnyconfidential – All right, so here’s another major girl crush. Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential is probably my all-time favorite blogger/vlogger (blog here, Youtube here). She’s never afraid to say what we’re all thinking. That and she also has some pretty dope pics of her skinny Cali lifestyle too.

5. Selfmagazine – Pretty self explanatory, right? I can never resist the temptation to grab a copy of SELF when I’m out and about. Naturally, I’m a huge fan of their Instagram as well, since they post a variety of health/fitness/lifestyle shots.

What’s your favorite health/fitness Instagram account? I’m always looking liven up my feed!



  • Dear Holly,

    Thank you so much for this post! Although a millennial (and a fellow "blonde with a laptop"…aka blogger!), I’m having a hard time learning how to navigate social media to drive traffic to my site amongst my target audience (elegant, chic and kind women of all ages), because I haven’t really every fallen for insta/pintrest myself. I’m behind the times… I put post it’s in my French Vogue.

    Thanks a million for sharing your inspirations. You’re an inspiration too, lady.


    • Holly Habeck

      I’m happy you found this helpful! Sometimes I have trouble putting down my social media, so I always try to use it in a positive and productive way by gaining inspiration that I can then channel into my blog and other social media channels. Thanks for stopping by!