The Secret That No One Tells You About Blogging

Disclaimer: Image found on Weheartit and edited by TBC. Disclaimer: Image found on Weheartit and edited by TBC.

Those of you who have been following along with The Blonde Chiffon may or may not know that I am a complete info addict. Whenever I hear about something that interests me, I’m immediately googling that sh*t and getting to the bottom of things. So, as a relatively new blogger and info fanatic, I’ve pretty much been around the block when it comes to blogging strategies.

Though I’ve stumbled upon some amazing resources, I often find that articles detailing blog tips can be a little repetitive. So, last week I debunked the myth about the blogger niche with  “Why the Blogger Niche is B.S.” (it totally is). Now let’s talk about the “content is king” thing, which I’m sure we’ve all come cross at some point. This one’s actually true. Great content and blog traffic are directly correlated. Sorry, no debunking here.

So now you’re thinking, “All I’ve got to do to gain thousands of viewers is produce great content. Easy peasy.” True. Kind of. While almost all (good) blogging consultants will preach stellar content, most don’t teach you what great content actually consists of. Check out the facts below to learn how you can begin to tweak your content to multiply your traffic:

1. Readers are Selfish (no offense!) – The best example of this theory is you (the reader) in this very moment. Odds are, you were attracted to this page because of the fact that I’m offering free informational advice that can help you both boost your blog traffic and engage readers for the long haul. Therefore, you are reading my blog in order to gain insight on your own. That’s why, when it comes to maximizing readership, it’s important to consider offering the audience an idea that they can implement in their own lives.

2. Your Job is to Position Yourself as an Expert – No matter what you’re writing about, positioning yourself as an expert is a crucial tactic in increasing your blog traffic and maintaining readers. Readers flock to sites that can either a) entertain them or b) teach them something new. Think about it. Your most frequented sites most likely feature a collection of inspirational and informative content. Take one of my favorite bloggers, Lauryn, from The Skinny Confidential. Though she does (once in a while) discuss her personal life, which serves the purpose of entertaining her fans, she consistently posts informative content that lets her readers in on something health/fitness related that they probably didn’t know about before. This kind of goes along with the idea that readers are selfish. Give us entertainment or information that we’ll benefit from and we’re happy. Still, in order to do this, you must position yourself as an expert. This way, when you give readers ideas that they can implement in their own lives, the information is solidified by either research and/or personal experience. This helps you to develop credibility, which is so important!

3. Your Blog is About Your Readers (if you want to increase your traffic, that is) – If you haven’t noticed, this ^^^ and the above ideas completely intertwine. However, I think it’s important to cover all of these aspects regarding content development because they are so often overlooked. And keeping your readers in mind may be one of the most important ideas to consider when brainstorming potential content. Remember tips one and two, which (condensed) tell us that readers visit blogs to gain information from reliable and entertaining sources. Concentrate on what readers can gain from your site. Is it fashion advice? DIY ideas? Healthy eating inspiration? While there’s nothing wrong with posting about your daily life, you will find that content that inspires or teaches others will most likely receive the most page views and overall engagement.

4. Social Media is Important – Social media is important. I know, I’m about the bazillionth person to tell you this, but it’s seriously the key to boosting your traffic. To prove it, I’ll let you in on a lil’ secret. More than half of my viewers come from various social media sites! Though I’m still in the beginning stages of blog development, social media has definitely made an enormous impact on my following thus far. So what does this have to do with content creation? Let me tell you, the phrasing of statuses, captions and descriptions matters. Developing engaging descriptors that incite curiosity in the viewer helps to boost traffic infinitely. Take the Women’s Health twitter account as an example. Since each article is either designed to entertain or inform the reader, enticing captions aren’t hard to come up with.  For me, this is a check I’ve recently vowed to start putting myself through. Can I create a compelling description on social media for this content? If you’re reading this, then the answer may be yes (yay!).  If I don’t think I’m able to though, I seriously evaluate the post and decide if  publishing it is actually going to enhance my site.

What is your process in developing content? What topics seem to go over best with your audience? Any tricks I haven’t mentioned? I’d love to hear from you!