Holiday Mantle How To

Since we do a lot of entertaining, having a well decorated and festive home is very important to our family. We take pride not only in our beautiful Christmas trees, but also in our mantle decor. Enduring the frigidity of New York winters, we use our fireplace often during the holiday season. For this reason, we love to dress it up to match the rest of our festive home. Here are a few items you might consider purchasing (although you probably own several already!) in decorating your mantle for the holidays:

1. Fake Branches/Plants – Okay, I’m a little weary to mention this one because fake plants/flowers/branches tend to be a hit or miss. Set out to find natural looking branches though like the ones pictured above and it’s sure to add class to your mantle. I also love these faux poinsettias, which easily trick the eye.

2. Gorgeous Ornaments – Every mantle can use a little sparkle, especially when the holidays come around. These ornaments not only look great on the Christmas tree, but also on display in a decorative glass jar.

3. Decorative Candles – Whether you’ve caught on yet or not, I love candles. I’ll admit, I mostly covet the fragrance, but decorative candles can be a great addition to holiday decor. Also, since you probably won’t be burning them, they last indefinitely!

4. Matches and Match Holder – For those of you who have a wood burning fireplace, matches and a beautiful metal match holder are a must all year round. Personally, bronze holders are my favorite because of the rustic feeling they give. I also love the idea of a silver match holder which could be played up with cranberry branches and red ornaments for the holidays.