5 Tricks to Dramatically Improve Your Instagram Game

If there's one social media platform I'm utterly addicted to, it's Instagram. Hands down. Twitter is a close runner-up but, as they say, almost doesn't count. I think part of the big infatuation with Instagram comes from its capability to create a seamless and carefully curated idealization of our lives. But more than that, it's a work of art that's never really finished. 

With the value of social media influence skyrocketing indefinitely, there's no better time to up your Insta game. And even if you're not looking to go pro (and yes, there's such a thing), check out these few tippity tips to help you curate a stronger and more cohesive feed:


1. VSCO is (and should be your) Insta life. 

VSCO Feed.jpg

If there's just one item you take out of this entire post, let it be the amazing superhero capabilities of VSCO. VSCO is my main resource hub in editing and scheduling posts. The editing options are super high quality with a lot of customizability, and I love the fact that I can create a feed here before posting anything to Instagram. This has helped me SO much in creating a more cohesive feed. Too many times in the past have I uploaded a gorgeous photo that doesn't fit in with my feed at the time. Regardless of how many high quality photos you upload, if they don't fit together and tell a story, your feed will look cluttered and unprofessional, which ultimately detracts from the number of new followers you will gain! 


2. Your most recent nine photos are important. 

Instagram Feed.jpg

These photos are the first glimpse of your feed to potential new followers. Make them count! I've totally felt the pressure to post a picture every day, even if I'm not absolutely in love with the contenders, but I've found that it's so not worth messing with my perfectly curated stream of pics. It takes a long time/a lot of posts to recover from a photo that disturbs the vibe of your feed, so be careful and make any style (color, lighting, contrast, filter) changes gradually! Lately I've been trying to make sure that my first nine photos tell a story and give my potential new followers a glimpse into my life. For example, from my first nine photos right now you can tell that 1) I love my dog 2) I like fashion 3) My photo style is bright. 


3. Do your research. 

[Some of my favorite influencers that I follow]

[Some of my favorite influencers that I follow]

I know you're totally like WTF Holly, but trust me here. Research is one of the most overlooked, yet crucial parts of building an Insta feed worth following. And what do I mean by research? FOLLOW PEOPLE. Get over the fact that your following:followers ratio will be crap, and follow, follow, follow. But don't just follow people for the sake of possibly getting a follow back. That's not research, that's cheap strategy. Follow influencers who inspire you and who are making their mark in the Insta world. What makes their feeds so follow worthy? Are their photos heavily edited or #nofilter? Of course no one likes a copycat, but see what's working for others and choose some role models. The first step in being inspirational is to be inspired. 


4. Think strategically.

Becoming Insta famous isn't the same thing as becoming instantly famous. Develop a posting strategy (through trial and error, unfortunately) that works for you. Think about the time that you post. When do you get the most comments, likes or followers? How effective are your hashtags? Are you going to leave a bazillion in the comments or just a few select choices in the caption? Sometimes the little things actually add up to be big things and can really effect how much traffic your account gets! 


5. (Natural) Light. Is. Everything.

Nothing ruins a potentially cool photo op faster than poor lighting. Take a look at any of the super famous Instagram accounts, and you'll notice that almost all of them utilize good, natural lighting. It looks clean, modern and professional. This is something I definitely didn't grasp when I first started my account, but it's SO important. Trust me! 


What are your favorite Insta tips & tricks?