Your Weekend Bonfire Playlist

The weather has been atrocious the past few weeks (I'm talking torrential downpours), but that hasn't stopped Richard and I from throwing a few evening bonfire parties. Nothing beats a backyard hangout sesh with good food (s'mores), good company and good music. It's just one of those must-do, in your face summery activities, right? (Also, I'm seeing a little backyard partaaay setup guide coming to TBC in the near future if you guys are interested.)

Since bonfires have become somewhat of a nightly routine around here lately, I decided I'd put together a little playlist. It's chock full of acousticy (<<not a word, I know) remixes that totally capture our typical laid back evening by the fire. 

Let me know what you think! Anything else I should add? 

P.S. I just got Spotify yesterday, so feel free to follow along for more playlists coming in the future! I've got like 1 follower right now (it's Richard, btw)...awk