Meet Your New BFF: Protein Powder Pancakes

Protein Powder Pancakes.jpg

A year ago, I wouldn't even think about touching anything breakfast related. I didn't eat eggs at the time, so it always felt like a lot options were already off the table (literally). It's safe to say that things have changed since then...dramatically. 

Now, breakfast is EVERYTHING. 

Seriously, my stomach rumbles at about 8 a.m. and, at the very least, I've got to get a protein bar and berries down ASAP. 

I'm a big green smoothie/juice fan (read why it's okay if you're not here), but lately I've been loving me a hearty stack of protein powder pancakes. No joke guys, they taste as good as/better than regular hotcakes. 

I've totally got to give credit to my bff/cousin/partner in crime Hannah for recommending this 'lil recipe. I just added a little TBC twist with the cinnamon, sauce and berries! 

Check out the video below for the full process on how to make these delicious/easy as hell hotcakes and be sure to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on the latest ongoings here on the blog and beyond. We're just getting started and we can't wait to see where things will go with this new addition to TBC! 

TBC Protein Powder Pancakes

♥ 3/4 cup pancake mix

♥ 1 scoop protein powder

♥ 1 cup milk

♥ Dash of cinnamon (optional)


Honey Hotcake Sauce 

♥ 1 cup plain Greek yogurt

♥ 3 tbsp. honey

♥ 1 tbsp. vanilla

P.S. Top with fruit/berries of your choice for extra deliciousness!

TGIF! Have a lovely weekend!